Retail Lighting Solutions

Maybelline – Cosmetic Display

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Project Description – Cosmetic Display
Customer requirements including LED Lighting to illuminate cosmetic display with accent lighting to promote the Maybelline brand. Oversea manufacturing of […]

Ralph Lauren – Lighting Display

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Project Description – Lighting Displays
 Fixture manufacturing that incorporates LED lighting displays and adjustable shelving and cabinet storage. Manufacture a retail fixture solution that is […]

Gucci – Point of Sale

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Project Description – Point of Sale Environment
Oversea manufacturing of a store-within-a-store retail environment for the Gucci fashion eyewear product line. An optical display that […]

Bud Light – Interactive Display

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Project Description – Interactive Display
Design and manufacture an interactive display. Innovate a call-to-action with the use of technology (sensors) and LED lighting to stimulate […]