VCG Global is a custom millwork and metal fabrication expert of custom interiors & outdoor furniture, custom furniture, home improvement,  custom lit mirrors and innovative display.


We Are Craftsmen of Custom Interiors and Exteriors, Custom  Furniture, Store Fixtures and Innovative Merchandising.

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We Are True Craftsmen.

VCG Global is leading the way for custom fabrication of exotic woods, various types of metal treatments, organic fabrics and imported materials. Our State of the art equipment and skills can blend the designers imagination of any mix of materials, technology and lighting. It is our unique blend of craftsmanship, production engineering, and design support that results in a true piece of art, custom furniture, custom interiors & exterior furniture, along with displays, from custom one-off projects to mass production.

Architectural Metalwork

VCG Global  engineers custom metalwork for architectural fences, gates, custom outdoor furniture and wall systems.

Custom Furniture

Do you have a design for a custom furniture project that requires custom made fabrication? VCG Global has the experience and in-house fabrication from millwork to metalwork to bring your design to life. We are also the experts when it comes to accent lightings.

Custom Millwork

When your custom made project requires a unique blend of materials, lighting and craftsmanship, VCG Global knows how to get it done. We Are skilled at commercial and residential renovations, architectural casework, custom cabinets and custom outdoor furniture.


When you’re considering a home renovation project and want to impress your guests, VCG Global does best with custom made tables, kitchen islands, media niche, custom cabinets and vanity mirror with lights.

Commercial Interiors

VCG Global knows how to important first impressions are when clients come to visit your business. Our custom fabrication of architectural wall systems, reception stations, lobby area and branding signage will make a lasting impression. We are the experts when it come to integrating lighting and technology into your commercial interior design fabrication needs.

Outdoor Structures

Custom fabricated shade structures, furniture and outdoor tables is an art to VCG Global. Our engineered architectural metalwork, outdoor wood finishing and design will surely create a comfortable place to relax and entertain.

Retail Display

VCG Global focuses on effective visual merchandising solutions with the use of interactive displays to intrigue consumers by engaging them with call to action touchscreen technology, videos and visual lighting.

Custom Store Fixtures

VCG Global knows retail design and the importance of the retail environment. we work with leading brands to transform their retail design into a beautiful custom made environment of casework, custom cabinets, vanity mirrors and wall systems. Our metal fabrication, millwork and production engineering works hand in hand with your retail designers.

Lit Mirrors

Custom vanity mirror with lights is another specialty. We have engineered touchscreen technology with various light settings, built in speakers, TV and you can customize the vanity mirror size.  Vanity mirrors for retail makeup mirrors, salon mirrors or bathroom vanity mirrors. You have endless options of custom made vanity mirrors.

We Are Innovative Custom Fabricators At Its Best

VCG Global has created many custom fabrication projects for leading retail brands, architectural firms, interior designers and contractors.

Fabrication Spotlight:
The owner of the Sacramento Kings wanted a custom entertainment area that would hide the window washing cranes. It had to be movable and accessible with style and comfort.


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We Are Custom Fabricators

VCG Global specializes in custom fabrication of custom millwork, indoor and outdoor furniture, and custom metalwork. VCG Global has the engineering and design team to bring your concept to a beautifully crafted custom piece. We have the latest modern equipment such as CNC and laser machines, to custom fabricate repeated quality with fine finishing detail.


Our engineerings have the experience in design and 3D modeling all our projects to ensure our customers of quality custom fabricated piece. We use Solidworks solid modeling computer aided design and engineering for stress analysis and load calculations so our products last.

Innovative Design

From a simple sketch to an advanced engineered drawing, our design team has the skill-set to bring your innovative ideas to life. We support all design needs ranging from concept development to 3D modeling, photo-realistic renderings, and installation. 


From individual custom furniture to complex institutional areas, we work through all stages of the fabrication process. We have a proven history of delivering value, efficiency, and consistent fabrication results beginning from conceptual designs and material samples to production and finishing. 

Installation & Logistics

We have a breadth of knowledge with post-production including assembly, packaging, installation, and delivery. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in all aspects of logistics throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process.

VCG Global utilizes sustainable materials and processes that are environmentally conscious.

We Offer Design Services!

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Case Studies

VCG Global has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to create many custom fabrication projects for leading hospitality, brands, commercial institutions, corporate offices, and general contractors.

We Know Fabrication.

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By establishing a globalized network of raw sources, VCG Global is able to fabricate high quality crafted wood furniture, architectural casework for businesses, residential interiors and custom outdoor environments. VCG Global utilizes the latest technologies and manufacturing processes on a variety of materials to create virtually anything.

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VCG Global has the resources and experience to bring your custom fabrication ideas to life. bring us your design thoughts or completed drawings and we will deliver production drawings for your approval to get started.

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