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VCG Global is a designer and manufacturer of innovative products, custom store fixtures and retail store displays, with point of purchase, point of sale, and shop in shop elements that have an impact in retail and event environments.


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We Revolutionize Markets

VCG Global is leading the way for custom store fixtures, retail displays and product manufacturing by incorporating specialized materials, electronics, and lighting, putting their clients at the forefront of the consumer retail market.

Custom Retail Displays

VCG Global designs retail displays that incorporate your brand’s DNA to create a look that distinguishes your brand over the competition. When your product has to compete in the retail environment, VCG Global knows how to set your brand apart from others.

China Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Do you have an idea for a great new product that needs to be brought onto the market? VCG Global has the experience and manufacturing resources both domestically and internationally to bring your idea or product to life. We have a myriad of manufacturing, assemblies and packaging capabilities to have your products shipped across the globe.

Visual Merchandising Displays

Cosmetic Merchandising Displays

Designing retail displays for cosmetic products is an art. VCG Global knows how to blend premium materials with form and function to produce cost-effective, high-class displays. We feel your products should be presented in a youthful yet elegant way that sets your brand apart.
Store Fixtures

Food & Beverage Retail Displays

We know how competitive food and beverage market space is. VCG Global has experience designing highly visual point-of-sale environments that effectively display your brand’s messaging and offers.

Interactive Displays

Interactive Kiosks

Today’s market calls for more than just a one dimensional display. VCG Global incorporates cutting-edge technology within their interactive retail displays to intrigue consumers by engaging them with thought provoking messaging through videos, lights, sounds and smells to help your brand resonate with the consumer.

Custom Store Fixtures

Custom Store Fixtures

VCG Global specializes in choosing the right materials and finishes to develop appealing custom store fixtures that compliment the look and feel of  your brand in every aspect of the retail environment.

Retail Merchandising

Custom Store Displays

VCG Global focuses on translating brands with a combination of premium materials, textures and finishes while utilizing unique manufacturing methods that replicate your product’s retail environment.

Electronic Manufacturer

Charging Systems

Creating portable power is not revolutionary, but engineering practical and functional systems is a specialized skill-set VCG Global can implement for clients.

Retail Lighting Solutions

Retail Lighting Solutions

VCG Global knows how to bring the warmth of lighting to accentuate certain products or to illuminate graphic panels that tell a story. Our engineers know all of the electrical requirements and compliance so you don’t have to.

We Are Visual Merchandising Specialists

VCG Global has created many visual merchandising solutions for some of the world’s best brands. Download our comprehensive 20 page PDF and lean how VCG Global can help you create a great retail experience for customers.

Visual Merchandising:
The purpose of visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Visual Merchandising takes the form of many retail display types and we have the experience and knowledge to produce innovative and appealing retail displays.


visual merchandising

  • Understanding Shopper Types

  • Visual Merchandising Rules

  • Importance of Good Design

  • Targeting Shoppers

  • Engaging Customers

  • Retail Display Types

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We Provide Solutions

VCG Global specializes in producing custom store fixtures, merchandising retail displays, and consumer products with capabilities in all aspects of design, manufacturing, installation and logistics. VCG Global works with some of the world’s best brands to showcase their products in today’s dynamic retail store environment.

Market Research

We understand what it takes to compete in today’s retail environment. We research our client’s market to formulate a merchandising strategy that puts our client’s brand first-in-mind with the consumer.  We know every brand is unique and we can provide solutions to achieve your visual merchandising goals.

Innovative Design

From a simple sketch to an advanced engineered drawing, our design team has the skill-set to bring your innovative ideas to life. We support all design needs ranging from concept development to 3D modeling, photo-realistic renderings, and retail packaging. 


From individual components to complex products, we work through all stages of the manufacturing process. We have a proven history of delivering value, efficiency, and consistent manufacturing results beginning from conceptual designs and prototype development to tooling and full-scale output. 

Installation & Logistics

We have a breadth of knowledge with post-production and pack-out services including assembly, packaging, installation, warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in all aspects of logistics throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process.

VCG Global utilizes sustainable materials and processes that are environmentally conscious.

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By establishing a globalized network of resources, VCG Global is able to manufacture high quality consumer products, custom store fixtures and permanent retail displays by implementing more efficient systems and cost-effective methods. VCG Global utilizes the latest technologies and manufacturing processes on a variety of materials to create virtually anything.

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VCG Global has the resources and experience to bring your innovative product, custom store fixtures or permanent retail displays to market, no matter what stage of production you are at.

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